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  • Fall 2023 books continue to arrive daily: check back soon, or bookmark your search results if currently unavailable. 
  • Shipping: Orders are shipped weekdays via UPS. Tracking information is automatically sent to the e-mail address that you provide with your order. 
  • In-Store Pickup:  Coming to Campus but not interested in shopping in-store? Simply purchase your items online then book an in-store appointment, this is the best way to ensure we have your order prepared and ready for you when you get here.
  • E-mail: Remember to always use your official Mohawk e-mail address in the firstname.lastname format. Do not use your student number, as it will not receive emails from external websites like UPS.
  • We Suggest: that you open your course timetable, and our FAQs, alongside this page. That way you will know your program and course codes when searching for your textbooks, and have answers to frequently asked questions at-the-ready: 

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