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Access Code Help Support:

If you are redeeming through our redemption page, here are some helpful tips:

  • Check your receipt for a code in this format: X#X# - X#X# - X#X#. Usually you will see "CEI:" followed by 12 alternating letters and numbers in groups of 4, below the item on the receipt. Next, visit our Access Code Redemption Page with this receipt information. 
  • Please note that not all codes are redeemed via receipt; some arrive on paper cards physically shipped with your order, others are bundled inside of a physical textbook. These will contain their own instructions.
  • Always use your e-mail address, such as Your student number will not work. Why? Your student number will only work on internal hosted websites routed through 'SSO,' or single-sign-on. Websites external to the college, such as book publishers, cannot reconcile your student number with your official e-mail address. 

Access Code Example

  • Be sure to check your spam/junk folder once redeemed, in the event that the publisher's e-mail doesnt arrive directly to your inbox. The publisher is the one sending the particular information about accessing the product that you have purchased, and their domain names may sometimes be filtered into spam/junk folders.
  • You also have the option to print the e-mailed instructions directly from our redemption page. Keeping a hard copy is always a good idea.
  • Always create any new accounts with the same address that you used to redeem. If you use another address (such as a personal @gmail, @outlook, or your student number) the publisher may not be able to reconcile the two different address' and be unable to verify your purchase.
  • Some publishers will ask you to follow directions from your course instructor (such as a specific password or link). These are often found in your MyCanvas modules, or can be aquired by contacting your course instructor via email. 
  • This video explains the basics of using Campus eBookstore:

  • Still stuck? Email Attaching a screenshot of where you are stuck in the process can really be helpful.


External Support Contacts:

Once your product is redeemed, you may be redirected to a publisher's website or platform. At this point, these publishers maintain the technical support, and many offer their own support guides and contact emails / phone numbers. We've linked directly to them below: