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Fall 2021

Online Coure Adoptions (OCA) for Fall 2021 are open June 7th - July 30th 2021.
All faculty and staff who place book orders for FT, Continuing Education, Distance Education, and Ontario Learn can go to the OCA portal. Faculty and Staff ordering for Apprenticship courses can contact the book buyers directly by phone or email.
Adoptions will continue to be added by program for Fall2021. When entering the adoption, you must choose Fall 21 TERM from the menu for Fennell and Stoney Creek. 
Please check your Dashboards for accuracy of course listings, and contact your respective buyer regarding: missing courses, instructor/coordinator reassignments, and additional courses to be added.  
New for Fall 2021: Mohawk College White Label Store (VitalSource). If using a VitalSource e-text, please indicate in the same manner as you would for 'No Book Required' that you will be using VitalSource.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact your buyer:
Michelle Powell michelle.powell@mohawkcollege.ca (Ext. 2071)
Melissa Mellor melissa.mellor@mohawkcollege.ca (Ext. 2324)


Textbook Buyers require:

  • An ISBN for each item and format version (different numbers for physical vs digital editions)
  • Correct Banner Subject  code and Course Code related to the required text
  • that you only order required materials.  Suggested materials are subject to availability,  and manufactuer return policies. Please check with your Buyer.


Do you require items other than books?

See also: Custom Merchandise

Some classes require a particular calculator, notebook, safety quipment, or uniform. We can help with that.

Please contact our General Merchandise buyer, Donna Mahon, with your items and course code. These items can potentially be added to your course as a suggested purchase, alongside the textbook. Or they could be located in our generic Course Supplies section if they may be of interest to other students.