Access Code Redemption for Etext, CEI, & more

Access Code Redemption

Have you recently purchased an Ebook or CEI Code from Mohawk College? Check your receipt for your code, which can then be redeemed below. Please note that not all codes are redeemed this way; Some arrive as physical cards shipped with your order, others bundled inside of a physical textbook. 

Check your receipt for a code in this format: X#X# - X#X# - X#X# (12 alternating letters and numbers in groups of 4).

  • Always use your official Mohawk College email address in the firstname.lastname format. Using your student number will not work (example: 000000000
  • Be sure to check your spam/junk folder once redeemed, in the event it doesnt arrive directly to your inbox. The publisher is the one sending the particular information about accessing the product you have purchased, and their domain names may sometimes be filtered into spam/junk folders.