Locker Rental Information  

Visit the Locker System to begin a rental. You can always access this in your MyMohawk, by clicking on Campus Life > Campus ServicesLocker Rentals > Locker System. 

Airport Campus Locker information: view Airport Locker Rental

Lockers are available on a first-come first-serve basis, for two back-to-back semesters at a time. Payments are non-refunadable, and lockers cannot be exchanged. Locks are included with the locker rental, and only those locks can be used.

Lock combinations are found on the confirmation page once payment is received, and can be accessed there at anytime if you forget.

Please contact Stephanie Reszytniak with questions.


General Information 

All students booking lockers are asked to remember the following:

  • Lockers, and the provided locks, remain the property of Mohawk College. Removal of the locks will result in a hold on your student account. 
  • Mohawk College is not responsible for damage or theft of items in lockers.
  • From time to time, the College has to perform renovations. You will be notified in advance and a relocation will be provided in the event your locker is affected. 
  • Locker contents must be vacated by the end date of your booking (last day of exams). Contents will only be held for 30 days after, at which point the contents will become the property of Mohawk College. 


How to Use a Combination Lock

Combination locks can be confusing until you memorize the hand motions and your unique 3 number combo. Follow these instructions carefully. An example combination of "13-24-08" appears in brackets below.

1. Start at zero. Turn right/clockwise three times, stopping at your first digit (13).

2. Turn left/counterclockwise one full turn, passing your first number (13), and stop at the second digit (24). 

3. Turn right/clockwise and stop at the third digit (08). Pull the lock down to unhinge the shackle.