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General Information


Students are encouraged to purchase their books within the first 6 weeks of classes to ensure availability. 

Overstocked books and materials will be returned to publishers each term after the first 8 weeks of classes, at which time the majority of books in stock may not be guaranteed beyond this period.


Books: Where does all the money go?

The Myth:

Campus Stores have been overcharging students for years.

The Facts:

Mohawk receives an average of 20% from the sale of each textbook, the balance goes to publishers.

Your Campus Store is a self-supported operation within the College, not a third party and is responsible for many expenses including:

  • Shipping/returns
  • Investment/interest on inventory
  • Salaries and benefits
  • Software support/implementation
  • Store fixtures and equipment

100% of remaining proceeds are returned to the college!

The Campus Store wants you to know what we understand the concerns students have about the cost of their texts.  We offer the following suggestions for getting the most out of your textbook budget. Textbooks are available in Ebook versions or traditional physical books, also some books have rental options available. When you order on line you will have all available formats to order from

Distinguish between "Required" and "Suggested" books.

It is important to know if you will actually need to own the materials to be successful in class or if the materials are intended to be supplementary. This information is available to you on the booklists located within the Bookstores and through your instructors. We recommend you attend your first class prior to purchasing "suggested" books. We only carry REQUIRED books, please see staff regarding 'suggested' books.

Check the Store Refund Policy Before You Buy.

The Mohawk Bookstore offers a 72 hour return policy for On-Line purchases. All merchandise must be in NEW condition in order to be returned and all custom courseware is non refundable so make sure that you will remain in the course before purchasing it. Specific information on the Refund Policy is located on this web-site and within each of the Campus Store locations.

Refund time frames are extended in the September and January semester start up periods. Details are posted in stores. (typically no refunds after the 5th week of classes) After these extended dates all book sales are FINAL.

Books purchased after this time frame will be FINAL SALE - Non Returnable/Refundable.

Custom Courseware

Custom courseware is created by the faculty of Mohawk College and usually contains a mixture of lecture notes, portions of texts, articles and out of print materials that the professor feels would benefit the class. By using custom courseware the professor can sometimes save the student the expense of purchasing a large number of books when only a small section from each source will be used in class. Again, be sure to purchase the correct custom courseware as directed by your instructor as it is a non-refundable item.


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