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Order Textbooks Online FAQs

Q. What is the best way to find the book that I want?

  • Locate your timetable on My Mohawk which will provide you with your program and course codes. For example, INFO 10081.
  • From the Bookstore home page click on "Textbooks Search".
  • Choose the campus where you are attending classes, as well as the current term. Choose “Continuing Ed./Online learning” if your class is online.
  • Find the program you are registered in, a drop down list will show all current courses for the term. Using the course codes provided in your timetable, scroll through the course codes listed and click the boxes on the courses you are taking.
  • Once you have found all courses you are taking click "Go".
  • You will be asked to either login or create an account.
  • Once all required fields have been completed click on "Submit Order".

Q. How long will delivery take and at what does it cost?

  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery times during the pandemic, but generally, after your order is gathered and processed through our registers, you can expect your order via UPS within 4-8 business days within Southwestern Ontario. 
  • Delivery costs are $9.99 in province and $18.50 out of province in Canada. 
  • We are currently in the process of adding international countries to our website. We are currently charging $19.99 for orders to the USA, and $49.99 to overseas countries. Those rates are a pre-authorization that can be lowered depending on the cost to ship to your exact location. Please contact buythebook@mohawkcollege.ca with your address for an estimate. Where possible, we encourage you to purchase digital CEI/Etext products that do not require shipping. 

Q. What is 'CEI'? What is 'Etext'?

  •  Be on the lookout for 'Etext' or 'CEI' in the title of products. These are digital items, not physical. Most CEI Access Codes process automatically and appear on your receipt, some require 1-3 days turnaround time to process. Some codes are physical cards that ship with other items in your order. Shipping charges will be waived on orders with only digital items. Once purchased, please check your receipt for your unique CEI code, and then redeem it here.

Q. I received only part of my order, am I being charged for the full amount of the total order? 

  • You will only be charged for the books we ship you. Your credit card will be charged when the order is processed in-store, and sometimes if an item is out-of-stock we will contact you to let you know of any changes to your order.
  • In some cases where a book is out of stock, you will be asked to reorder the book at a later date if the cost or edition is set to change. You will not be charged for books which we do not send you.

Q. Have I been charged twice?

  • Your card is initially pre-authorized when placing the order and is not actually charged until we gather your books and process the order through our store’s checkout. This way you won’t be charged for items currently unavailable or out-of-stock. Some banks and card providers will list the pre-authorization and charge as two separate line items on your statement, though you have only paid the one amount. This is similar to booking a hotel in advance, or prepaying for gasoline; you are only charged for what you receive.

Q. How do I return items purchased online?

  • All online orders are shipped with information regarding returns/exchanges.
  •  See our return policy for more information. Please contact Buy the Book for assistance in your return.

Q. Can I choose to pick up my order instead of having it delivered?

  • In-store pickup is currently not available.

Q. What if I can't find my books online?

  • After reviewing all course codes available, and insuring your course code is correct via MyMohawk, you can notify us by email at buythebook@mohawkcollege.ca or call us at (905) 575-2070 ext 1.

Q. What should I do if I get an error?

  • At any time you encounter problems using our website, please let us know immediately and provide us with the following information:
  • Description of the problem
  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • What browser and version you were using (i.e. Internet Explorer 7 etc.)Chrome is suggested

Q. How do cookies work? Why do I need to enable them?

  • A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer and contains unique transaction information. This does not contain your payment information.
  • The e-commerce section of our website uses cookies in order to save your shopping basket and other personal information so that upon your next visit, you don't need to re-enter this same information. If you disable cookie use in your browser, you will not be able to make a purchase  but will still be able to browse our entire site. Please refer to About This Site for more information.

Q. How does the book rental work?

  • Rentals are facilitated through an affiliate partner. Where rental option is available, you will be redirected to another site to complete process and make payment.  To login to this site you must creat a customer profile to access. Rental books in most cases will be used books and may not contain supplemental materials such as workbooks or access codes that may be included with new book purchases.  For all rental support please go to: mohawk.textbookrental.ca 
  • Rental books are not returned to the Mohawk College Campus store.

Order Textbooks Online